Abandon Myself

Emptied Again


A – C#m – G#m – A

A – C#m – G#m – A – B 


Verse 1

E                                   A                                   E

Here I am loving father, trembling where I stand


E                                            A              B

You ask for one thing only, my heart


                        E       E5

This is my surrender


               C#m                   G#m                               A

Lord I give You control, please take a hold of me 


Verse 2

This willing heart is fearful, to give all I am

Jesus you reassure me, my life’s in Your hands




         A         B

The joy, the pain, my every chain


   C#m   B

I give to You, I give to You

Verse 1

B                                F#

Strip away what’s not of You

G#m            E

Holy Spirit come and move

B                                   F#                   G#m         E

Awake this dormant soul that lies within


Verse 2

Search through this crowded heart

All I am Lord every part

Invade my life like only You know how



G#m                       F#

Take away what’s holding me back Lord

G#m                       F#                                   E

Take away what’s holding me back from You



B                                       F#

Ransack my heart and make it Yours

             G#m                                 E

sweep through my king break down these doors

      B                      F#              E

I’m ready to be emptied again


Verse 3

This mad love that has no bounds

It’s turning my life upside down

I feel Your divine disruption in my plans

Even now

Verse 1


Gather all the people

G                                         C

Those from far and wide


Tell them to come


The faithful and the hungry

Those that are lost inside                            

Tell them to come



Let the trumpet sound

              Em                              D

As Your people shout for You


         G                         C

Your church will be triumphant

            Em                              D

Whatever You ask will do

        G                          C

Our God will be exalted

       Em                              D

Even now we return, now we return to You


Verse 2

For those that chase down Your heart

Those that turn away

Tell them to come


For those that cannot hear Him

Those that cannot see

Tell them to come


Pre-chorus 2

Play that drum beat loud

As Your people cry out for You



            Em          C              Em             D                                

I will rend my heart, I will rend my heart (2X)

            G             C                     Em               D

I will return to You, I will return to You